Employee Training

At First Security Associates, we believe that a well-trained security team is the backbone of effective protection. Our training services are meticulously designed to provide our officers with a layered approach, continuously improving their security skills, knowledge, and confidence. We take pride in going above and beyond, offering training curriculums that are typically available only as optional professional development modules from other security service providers.

California Security Guard Course

A foundational course that equips our officers with the essential skills and legal knowledge required to excel in their roles as security guards.

Transit Security Training

Specialized training tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of transit security operations.

Use of Handcuffs

Proper techniques for the safe and effective use of handcuffs, enhancing our officers’ ability to handle potential threats.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Empowering our team with the knowledge to recognize, prevent, and appropriately respond to incidents of sexual harassment.

Supervisor Leadership Training

Nurturing leadership qualities in our supervisors, fostering a positive and effective management approach.

California School Security Training

Targeted training to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for educational institutions.

Management of Aggressive Behavior

Techniques to de-escalate and manage aggressive behavior, prioritizing safety and minimizing risks.

Facility Evacuations

Preparedness and procedures for efficient and safe facility evacuations during emergencies.

Suspicious Package Training

Equipping our officers with the ability to identify and respond appropriately to suspicious packages.

Driving Safety Training

Enhancing our officers’ driving skills to ensure safe and responsible vehicle operations.

Taser Training

Proper handling and use of Tasers for an added layer of non-lethal force options.

Defensive Tactics

Techniques for self-defense and effective response to potential threats.

OC Spray Training

Training on the use of OC spray for personal protection and defense.

Active Shooter Response Training

Preparedness and response strategies to effectively handle active shooter situations.

Baton Training

Proper use and handling of batons for added security measures.

Injury and Illness Prevention

Training on recognizing and preventing injuries and illnesses on duty.

Hospital Safety and Security Training

Specialized training to ensure a secure healthcare environment.

Bike Patrol Training

Enhancing mobility and responsiveness through specialized bike patrol training.